3 Million CUDOS Staked: My Journey and Why You Should Consider It Too 😍

Sumit Shukla
3 min readOct 6, 2023

I guess you all know now that I am keeping increasing my CUDOS stake, and this article is part of that series. My CUDOS journey has been nothing short of exciting, and now that I have reached the $3 million staking mark, it’s a time of both reflection and anticipation. Through the highs and lows, my belief in CUDOS has only solidified. In this article, I am talking about why I am going all-in on CUDOS and touching upon the cornerstone fundamentals that keep me bullish.

How much am I earning 😅

Maybe one of the top reasons why you started reading the article, so let’s talk about that first:

With the APR at the moment at 7.74%, the returns from my staked CUDOS are really good. (Don’t forget that the amount I have staked is also big, so your number may be smaller or bigger.) Now let’s break it down. At the moment, with 3 million CUDOS staked, I am earning around 650 CUDOS daily (I didn’t count the validator fee in this calculation). And according to that, it comes around 19k CUDOS in terms of monthly staking rewards, and talking about me, thats a really big number for me. As long as the APR stays steady, this passive income from CUDOS staking is set to be the cornerstone of my crypto portfolio.

Why I’m All In On Staking My CUDOS

Surviving the volatile crypto market is tough when it comes to not selling your holdings. In these moments, it’s essential to believe in the token’s potential. This fact led me to stake all my CUDOS. The main reason? CUDOS’s undeniable robust fundamentals and my previous encounters with impulsive selling in bear markets. Staking is a commitment that I am willing to take to avoid selling CUDOS in this market situation and to enjoy the great APR offered by the CUDOS team. With the APR at the moment at 7.74, it’s like generating free CUDOS, as I don’t have any plans to sell them, so it’s better to stake them and earn some extra CUDOS to increase the holding of the CUDOS bag.

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Strong Fundamentals of CUDOS

Any Staking or even buying decision must be grounded in fundamentals. Over the years, I’ve realized CUDOS isn’t just another crypto; it stands on a robust foundation. The 4T (TAM, Team, Timing, Tech) model offers a lens to view this:

  • TAM (Total Addressable Market): Cloud computing’s growth trajectory is astounding. By 2030, we’re staring at a potential $1.5 trillion market. For a project like CUDOS, which is revolutionizing this space, the sky’s the limit.
  • Team: Leadership is crucial. With stalwarts like Matt Hawkins at the helm, the CUDOS team brings a blend of expertise and vision. Their rich history in cloud computing and their recent innovations speak volumes.
  • Timing: Timing is everything. As the digital realm evolves, especially with the impending Web3 revolution, CUDOS is perfectly poised to ride this wave. Being early in this game offers CUDOS a strategic advantage.
  • Technology: At its core, CUDOS thrives on innovation. Their technological strides in the cloud computing space, complemented by initiatives like CUDOS Markets, underscore their commitment to pioneering solutions.

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As I look back on my journey to staking 3 million CUDOS, it’s clear that it’s more than just a milestone. It’s a commitment of my belief in CUDOS. CUDOS’s strong fundamentals, the amazing team behind it, and its strategic positioning in the market make it a standout. If you’re on the fence about staking, consider the long-term vision, the passive income potential, and the opportunity to be part of a transformative project. With CUDOS, I’m not just staking; I’m investing in a vision. Onwards and upwards! 🚀