A brief overview of the year 2023 and what to expect in 2024 for 👀

Sumit Shukla
2 min readDec 28, 2023

2023 was a great year for CUDOS in terms of development. As the whole crypto world is still recovering from a bearish mood, CUDOS has continued to develop strong fundamentals. In this brief post, we will review the CUDOS achievements of the year and talk briefly about what to expect in 2024.

Compute-side updates

CUDOS is focused on building the decentralised compute option for the web3 world, so it makes sense to start the talk with that. 2023 was the year when CUDOS showcased how blockchain compute is going to look when it launches with the launch of the CUDOS blockchain compute technical preview, which is still running, and one can check if they want to see compute running on the blockchain before the launch of CUDOS Intercloud, which is launching in early January.

Links:- CUDOS technical preview launch, CUDOS technical preview platform.


Partnerships are one of the most prominent things that make projects successful in the crypto ecosystem, and this year CUDOS announced a great partnership with companies like iMD Companies, CLC & Partners, and Kyoto Protocol.

Links: iMD Companies, CLC & Partners, Kyoto Protocol.


In terms of listings, CUDOS cracked one of the biggest listings this year when CUDOS announced that BinanceUS would list CUDOS.

Links:- Binance.US Listing Announcement.

CUDOS Foundation

The CUDOS Foundation is part of the CUDOS ecosystem, which supports and provides grants to projects that aim to build and provide support to the CUDOS ecosystem. This year, the CUDOS Foundation announced two major grants: one for UFF Sports and another one for Mpowa.

Links:-UFF Sports Grant Announcement, Mpowa Grant Announcement.


This year, the number of CUDOS validators is There is a great uprising as the number of total validators goes to more than 35, and many more validators are showing interest in becoming CUDOS validators as CUDOS nears launching its CUDOS Intercloud.

Year of development

This year, the team was very active and busy, but still, the CUDOS team finds ways to always interact with the community with initiatives like Coffee with CUDOS, and the CEO himself came to answer all community questions twice throughout the year 2023.

Links:- Latest AMA recording, latest AMA overview.

High hopes for 2024

2024 might be the year of mass adoption for CUDOS, as the CEO himself hinted at some major announcements in 2024.

2024 will start with huge news for the whole web3 ecosystem as CUDOS will launch the much-awaited CUDOS blockchain compute, now known as CUDOS InterCloud.

I hope you liked this short and brief overview of CUDOS in 2023 and what one can expect in 2024 from CUDOS.