A DAO with endless earning opportunities for everyone.

Sumit Shukla
3 min readMar 5, 2022

Everyone wants to earn but how many of them actually earn, speaking in general about crypto space the earning opportunities are limited for few people like projects, announces ambassadors program but it’s not for everyone, freelancers post their work but not everyone gets chances. But today I am talking about a DAO which is going to change this once & for all. Where every participant gets an equal chance of earning with respect to their work.

What is DAO ??

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation(DAO), from the name you can understand that it’s decentralised and runs on its own laws means no one can control it, what can control is the smart contract which has rules & laws in that, for changing thing in the DAO, community votes on the proposals proposed by the community itself. It’s the basic meaning of an DAO.


DeFiKnowledgeDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization; with a constant goal of eliminating middle-men, increasing capital efficiency for ALL DAO members, and fundamentally changing the way business is done, once and for all!

DeFiKnowledgeDAO is a project where you can perform a variety of tasks to help the DAO so that DAO can help you. This DAO gives you freedom to explore yourself as a content creator, idea generator, you can create memes or whatever idea you have in your mind just explore them & for doing all those things you can generate profits which belong to you.

If you want to understand DeFiKnowlegdeDAO in deep and want to understand how it function here is the simple white paper which will help you:-

Who Can Join This ??

The DAO is open to everyone, anyone can join it and they can start looking for opportunities in the dao, you just have to join the discord server and bang it all started for you, as long as you will provide value to the DAO you will keep earning.

Creating value within DAO

When it comes to providing value to the DAO there are various ways which you can choose, there is as hard as creating great content to as easy as just engaging with content roles you can choose whatever suits you which will start your DAO.

There are various roles which are like:-

PRPL & the earning

PRPL is the backbone of the ecosystem; it’s the token which will be distributed to everyone who is providing value to the DAO on a weekly or monthly basis. The token has a limited supply of just 1000 tokens. As more and more PRPL will be distributed more scarce it will become for everyone to get. As it has utilities which may result in price rise if recipients decide to hold. The requester who is the one responsible for buying the token for themselves so they can pay the performers leads to the demand of the token.


These are my initial thoughts about this DAO, I am also part of this DAO. I am still exploring the endless possibilities this DAO will create for everyone where everyone can participate regardless of their background just join the discord and get involved in this DAO this is as simple as that.