Amazing Partnerships by CUDOS

Cudos has some amazing partnerships in the industry, which makes this project one of my favourites. There are few factors that can help you to find a great project and for me partnerships are one the most important things to explore about those projects & in this field Cudos has done a great job. In this article I will explore some of the amazing partnerships by Cudos.


DuckDao is one of the early partners of Cudos which has invested in Cudos as they believe that this project will succeed in the future. DuckDAO is a community-based digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

Duck is powered by few of the top industry leading projects which includes Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance smart chain & polygon

Animoca Brands

It’s not long when Animoca brands & Cudos announce their partnerships where Animoca brands will become a stakeholder & token holder in Cudos ecosystem and they will help Cudos to further decentralise the ecosystem.

Animoca brand which was founded in 2014 is one the world’s leading blockchain investment company which invests in blockchain focused projects, Recently Animoca Brands became a 2.2 billion dollar company after raising 65 million dollars.

After partnering with Cudos Chairman & co-founder of Animoca brands Mr. Yat Siu commented

“We are thrilled to invest in Cudos and its highly scalable, low-cost layer-one and -two solutions that look to be ideally suited for blockchain gaming and NFT-based initiatives. We look forward to collaborating on various projects.”


Algorand is one of the early partners of Cudos they have partnershiped even before the launch of Cudos token, which makes this partnership special.

Algorand is one of the top crypto projects in the market with over 12billion market cap which is huge and makes it one of the top-20 projects in crypto space.

Cudos also has received a grant from Algorand Foundation which is a another sign that this is a long term partnership by the both projects


Elrond & Cudos recently announced a partnership where both projects will work on improving the DeFi & Decentralisation on the blockchain.

Elrond is also one of the top projects in the crypto space with over 6 billion of market cap which makes this project one of the top-40 projects in the crypto space. is one of the most interesting partnerships by Cudos because after this partnership it will let you shop on Amazon & eBay in 11 countries including India which is one of the major growing market in the world. & Cudos stabilised this partnership few weeks ago which makes Cudos a interesting token & increases it’s real world utility for everyone who holds Cudos Token.


AMD is one of biggest name in the list when we talk about CUDOS partnerships, they have collaborated few times with cudos & with the collaboration they want us to build decentralised cloud.

they have recently participated in a gaming competition which is for charity, & recently head of Blockchain at AMD Jörg Roskowtz appeared in CudosCast which is a podcast of Cudos where they discuss so many things with there partners & industry leaders


Having this kind of great partnerships makes CUDOS one of the interesting projects out there in crypto space & no, it’s not the end of partnerships, this is few of the major partnerships announced by Cudos to explore more partnerships by Cudos pls visit their official website.



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