Become an iExec Officer to earn RLC monthly

Nowadays, the market is going wild as prices are going down for most of the projects on the market, which is making people furious, and many are quitting crypto. At this time, making some passive income with a few hours of Twitter activity is a great deal, and when it’s coming in the form of the RLC token, which is a utility token by iExec, it’s like the cherry on top. In this article, I will be discussing how you can become an iExec officer or even an ambassador to start your passive income journey to survive and make some wealth from the crypto market.

Why should I become an iExec officer?

iExec is really a strong project with the potential to grow more. It is looking for passionate people who are looking to talk and spread about iExec with their skills, whether that is only tweeting to make graphics, writing articles, or only replying to others’ tweets with positive feedback about iExec. As iExec is a fundamentally strong project, there is mostly no hate for it like some people have for meme coins. iExec is building for real-world use cases, not just for the market with unlimited supply through a pump-and-dump scheme. That’s the reason why many people hoard RLC, but if you are willing to give some time to iExec, you can add RLC to your portfolio free of charge.

How do I become an iExec officer?

So, now that you have decided to become an iExec officer, it’s not hard at all. You don’t have to fill out any forms, and you don’t have to request anyone to become one. Simply start following news around iExec, join the official telegram and discord, and try to be active. Start tweeting about iExec, like, and retweet iExec content. Just keep doing this for a week or two, and that’s it. Now you stand a chance to become an iExec officer. An official ambassador or team member will contact you to invite you to join the officers group, and that’s it. Keep performing like you are doing to stand a chance to earn an RLC token each month. If you keep up your good work for a few months, you can be promoted to ambassador level.

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About iExec

iExec is building a decentralised web3 marketplace for all your computing needs in a few clicks. Alongside that, iExec is also working on mass adoption products for data security like confidential NFTs, which will put control of your data in your hands. iExec is also testing dOracles, a tool that lets you create your own Oracle according to your needs in just a few minutes for everyone, even a non-technical person.

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