CUDOS Published their ambitious roadmap for 2024

Sumit Shukla
2 min readFeb 2, 2024


The CUDOS token was launched in 2021, but the project has been under development since 2017, so after many years of research and development and taking the web2 modal of CUDO compute into the CUDOS intercloud, which was launched in the first month of 2024, and moving forward now, CUDOS has unveiled the Roadmap of 2024.

The CUDOS roadmap is divided into two parts, which are CUDOS Intercloud and CUDOS Blockchain. We will briefly look into both of them.

CUDOS Intercloud in Focus

Till 2023 CUDOS intercloud was in development mode and 2024 will be the year of adoption and in 2024 roadmap CUDOS intercloud in focus, later this year there will be many upgrades to CUDOS intercloud, First soon users of intercloud will be able to use ATOM and OSMO tokens from COSMOS ecosysem also cross-chain funtionality is next on teams table users.

Few other aspects which are in pipeline with CUDOSintercloud 👇

  • Partnering with other projects to support specific workloads, such as AI applications,.
  • Seeking feedback and suggestions from the community for future features and improvements

CUDOS Blockchain Vision for 2024 in Brief Points

  • A layer-1 blockchain that provides scalable distributed computing for Web3 applications and smart contracts.
  • Upgrading the network and tooling to align with the Cosmos ecosystem and facilitate better collaboration with other projects.
  • Integrating with decentralised cross-chain communication protocols, such as Axelar, to enable CUDOS usage across different blockchains and applications.
  • Improving blockchain tooling to be at the forefront of the industry, such as the chain indexer update.
  • Sharing more details and updates on the upcoming features and functionalities as they are released.

Read the official CUDOS roadmap for 2024