Cudos Technical Analysis

Sumit Shukla
4 min readApr 30, 2022

According to Coingecko CUDOS currently stands at rank 548(fluctuating) with a total market capitalization of around $56,393,699 with a max supply of 10 Billion and a current circulating supply of 3,069,883,587.

CUDOS Market Price All-Time Basic Technical Chart.

As per the basic chart of CUDOS, the price looks moving in a downtrend. The current situation is worrying now, it’s a wait and watch situation. The CUDOS price has broken its All-Time Low point and now it’s time to wait and see if the price sustains somewhere at this same level or keeps moving down. On the other hand, there may be chances that the CUDOS price will start moving up speedily because it is at an All-Time Low point. Since it is at an All-Time Low point so it’s a good level to add some quantity and wait to see its next movement.

CUDOS Market Capital All-Time Basic Technical Chart.

CUDOS market capital still looks good if compared with its price, still, it is on the uptrend side. However, if we look closely so we can find that the Market Capital has broken the upper-level trend line support, but it’s also look like new support is about to create near the same level. If support gets created here and further Market capital increases then a huge possibility that CUDOS price will pump straight upside.

1-Day Candle Chart with Bollinger Bands.

As per the Bollinger Bands on 1 Day chart, if we look at history we find the last 2 levels at the same where it is currently trading. Also, the current trading price is at the lower band which means oversold, and considering the last 2 levels as Bollinger Bands support levels so chances that the price will start pumping from this level.

As currently we are waiting and watching the situation, so we can patiently monitor this level but add some quantity at this level, if the price starts pumping then good chance to get a good return in a short time.

1-Day Candle Chart with Rate Of Change (ROC) Indicator.

As per the ROC indicator, the CUDOS price is in the negative zone as it is below the 0 levels, but if we look at history we can see how consistently it has given in a short period of time from the average level which is -20. The current ROC stands between 0 to -20 and is very close to the -20, so even if the price is in the negative zone, this will be a good chance to make a short-time profit. In this situation, we can increase the holding period if somehow the ROC indicator starts moving above 0 levels.

1-Day Candle Chart with Pivots Points.

In Pivots Points, we can see even if the CUDOS price is in a downtrend, it helps to make a short-time profit from its Support 1 levels.

As per the Pivots Points, the current price of CUDOS in this month means April 2022 is near the Support 1 level. As per history, we expect the Price may start pumping from here to the upside till Pivot levels (Black Line). However, we are in a wait and watch situation, so we can try to add some quantity at this level and can increase the holding period when the price starts moving above Pivot levels (Black Line).


Through this article, we see that CUDOS market capitalization is still on the upside but the CUDOS price is still on the downside. There is no huge fluctuation currently so we patiently stay on wait and watch the situation. The CUDOS price is at an all-time low and supports Zone. If somehow the Market capital increases then the Price of CUDOS will increase, hence at this point it is important to monitor the Market capital behavior. The indicators have not shown any huge volatility and the price is moving with low fluctuation which is good.

This article is just for an educational purpose and not for investment suggestions. Please do your own study and research before any investment.

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