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Sumit Shukla
5 min readJul 11, 2022

One significant source of up-to-date information about blockchain from notable figures is the CudosCast. The CEO of Gamee, Bozena Rezab, recently talked about blockchain gaming with host Pete Hill and gave a lot of relevant facts. Gamee is essentially a social network-based mobile game platform. Users can interact, share, and play using the website and the mobile app that is available.

Pete Hill was eager to learn more about Gamee, including its origins and objectives. In response to this query, Bozena clarified,

By bringing people together through play they are creating a mobile game industry. Additionally, blockchain is being used to create communities and gaming platforms for mobile games. In fact, Gamee is all about bringing people together through mobile games since they think that smartphones or other devices have made gaming accessible to everyone.

At the moment, there are around 2.5 billion gamers on the earth. Hundred mobile games have been released on the Gamee platform. This channel is used by 40 million players. And for now, they want to keep a large gaming audience interested for a while. They devise gamification layers and gamify the platform to enable interoperability across various games. People stay with Gamee for a long time because they feel that they have made progress and achieved something. They are able to create such a sizable community because of this. They’ve been researching blockchain for the past two years to see how they might improve this. They achieved this by placing the virtual currency on a chain, allowing players to earn what is rightfully theirs.

Additionally, they have added gaming characters to the blockchain and are making greater efforts to link games, game developers, brands, and web3 initiatives to blockchain arcades.

According to Pete Hill, a third of the world’s population — 2.5 billion gamers — are active online. How can games keep people interested when so many people want to be entertained?

According to Bozena, we have observed that when there is a challenge or emergency, such as when there is a pandemic then gaming involvement data increases. People must unwind and unplug more when things are tough. As a result, they start playing games, which serve as an escape during trying moments. To make it possible for people to unwind and socialize.

When asked about the history of her connections to Animoca Brand,

she responded that Gamee joined the company two years ago. Since then, we have been a family. As we can see from blockchain gaming and NFTs playing roles in the games, Animoca has seen significant development in the last two years. We were thrilled to work alongside them and gain first-hand experience.

We have a lot of immediate information and comparisons about how player behavior and engagement change before and after game characters and currencies are on the chain. Because of Animoca, our team gained experience developing blockchains, something we did not have before.

The Animoca brand is a pioneer in blockchain, gamification, and digital entertainment that is seeking to enhance intellectual property rights and support the creation of the open metaverse.

Pete inquired about the many cheating techniques that may be used in video games. How can they prevent cheating in games as a financial part of blockchain gaming?

So says Bozena There are numerous strategies for preventing cheating during gameplay. There are multiple layers of protection, such as when a team trying to break the rules informs a player about cheating codes while they are playing a game. The community lends a hand to the team.

But because we keep an eye on guarding and others catching up, we are quite safe.

Pete raised a crucial query: how has blockchain impacted mobile gaming globally?

Our arcade, our new gaming platform, is powered by blockchain, Bozena responded with assurance. And we turned on more than 2 million wallets. These are our first-time wallets for users because they can link their current wallets to our gaming platform if they already have one. Those who didn’t have one opened it, bought anything from the game, or even took it out. Additionally, they are able to buy their first NFTs thanks to this token. You can swap it somewhere else if you’re through with the game or decide to come back. It doesn’t all begin with a large page, followed by blockchain technology and ownership. Playing games and the realizations that come with them are where it all begins.

Pete also made a key point about bridging the blockchain divide. Like, how can non-technical folks enjoy the experience if we have to remove something from the game?

The main concept, according to Bozena, is to use Gamee’s characters to move between several metaverses. They are therefore investigating various interoperability, but it is difficult. One must connect the wallet to another location, however there are simpler ways to do this, such as a number of games that support the gbots, who are fictional robot characters. As a result, you can play one game while using the currency to power and upgrade them. Later, when new games are released, you can use it for those as well. Another feature that Arcades provides is the ability to join as a member or gain access to gaming when they hold tournaments if you have an NFT collection.


GAMEE is a play-and-earn mobile gaming platform. With over 40 million users globally and over 5.4 billion gameplays, connecting brands, gamers and crypto projects through play. Gamee’s mission is to recognize and reward effort, skill and loyalty. Thay aim to introduce the value of blockchain to mainstream gamers.

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