How CUDOS markets is bringing tokenized infrastructure to Cudos

Sumit Shukla
3 min readJun 30, 2023

CUDOS recently introduced CUDOS Markets as the new CudoVentures member, which will bring utility to the CUDOS ecosystem with the NFTMarketplace on the CUDOS blockchain. This marketplace, however, will not be your typical NFT marketplace; it will provide NFTs backed by real-world infrastructure, generating passive money for NFT buyers. This post will explain what tokenized infrastructure is and how CUDOS Markets uses it.

What is tokenized infrastructure?

Tokenized infrastructure is well-known in the blockchain sector because it has the potential to revolutionise the way real-world assets are owned and exchanged. Tokenized infrastructure is a digital version of physical infrastructure. Consider a building, for example. If the builder decides to tokenize the building with blockchain technology, he may easily sell houses to consumers in the form of NFT, which will reflect ownership of a particular asset.

Tokenized infrastructure has the possibility of transforming asset ownership and trading by enabling fractional ownership and more efficient and transparent asset trading. It can also make traditionally illiquid assets, such as real estate or infrastructure projects, more accessible by eliminating entry barriers and permitting worldwide participation.

How CUDOS Markets is utilising tokenized infrastructure

By introducing NFTs that reflect a portion of the hashrate produced by clean energy bitcoin mining farms, CUDOS Markets is utilising tokenized infrastructure on Cudos. These NFTs will be minted on the Cudos blockchain by Bitcoin mining farms. These NFTs can then be bought and stored in any CUDOS wallet that supports them, and they will generate bitcoin for the owner based on the hashrate indicated by the NFT. This will all be governed by an CUDOS Markets smart contract developed on the Cudos network.

These NFTs represent the tokenized infrastructure of mining farms, and their sale funds sustainable mining. This will encourage more bitcoin mining farms to switch to clean mining and start their own NFTs using CUDOS Markets. The Bitcoin network will benefit from this by lowering its carbon footprint. Furthermore, by owning these NFTs, the owner is mining bitcoin without using any electricity, enhancing the decentralisation of the Bitcoin Network and making it more ecologically friendly.


In conclusion, the use of tokenized infrastructure on the Cudos blockchain by CUDOS Markets represents an innovative NFT approach. It enables passive income and encourages sustainable practises by backing NFTs with real-world assets like clean energy bitcoin mining farms. While improving the sustainability of the Bitcoin Network, this innovation has the potential to revolutionise asset ownership, trading, and accessibility. The future of NFT marketplaces and the larger blockchain industry will be shaped by CUDOS Markets.

More about CUDOSMarkets

However, hashrate NFTs are not the only thing coming to CUDOS markets; in this article, we will examine tokenized infrastructure and discuss potential future applications for CUDOS markets.

Aside from NFT buyers, collectors, and bitcoin miners, CUDOS Markets is bringing gamers onto the platform. Gamers can compete for hashrate NFT, and there is also the possibility that a team can organise some kind of competition in which gamers participate, such as a tournament for gamers, to make mining Bitcoin more enjoyable for everyone.

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