How to deploy your first VM on CUDOS intercloud: a step-by-step guide.

Sumit Shukla
4 min readFeb 14, 2024

CUDOS Intercloud has now been live for about a month, and many still struggle to deploy their first virtual machine (VM) on CUDOS Intercloud and experience how it works. Through this article, I am trying to create a step-by-step guide to explain how you can deploy your first VM on the CUDOS intercloud.

Step 1: sign up

Visit the official site, 👉🏻 CUDOS Intercloud 👈 and explore the site if you want to learn more about Intercloud.👇

After that, click on login and connect your Keplr wallet with the platform 👇

After logging in, you will see the intercloud dashboard 👇

Step 2: Adding funds

To use CUDOS intercloud, you have to add some funds to your intercloud account, which will act as a top-up for your running VM after you create one.

To add funds, click on Payments.👇

After that, select the amount you want to deposit (note: for now, you can only deposit CUDOS; soon, more options will be available, like USDT and USDC).👇

Now click on Pay to deposit your funds and approve the transaction in the Keplr wallet pop-up.

Step 3: Creating the VM

Now that you have deposited the funds in your account, you are all ready to launch your first VM on the CUDOS intercloud.

Now click on “Create.”👇

Now you will see an interface like this.👇

Now on this page, select the OS, region you want, or if you just want to test, leave the defaults selection and scroll down.

Step 4: SSH Key and Deploying Your VM

As you scroll, you will see the SSH Public Key option, like this: 👇

Now you have to create your SSH key for your PC or laptop and paste that here. To learn more about how you can get an SSH key on your PC or laptop, refer to “DOCS.” 👇

After generating the SSH key, paste that in that space, and you are good to go.👇

Now you can click on the “Confirm & Deploy” button.👇

Wait for a few seconds for the successful deployment of your VM, and you are done.👇

Now, when you open your Intercloud account, you will see your VM like this:👇

— — — — — — — -THE END of GUIDE- — — — — — — —

I hope you have found this step-by-step guide helpful. Leave comments if you have doubts, and if you want a video tutorial, you can watch it here.