How to use Osmosis for Cudos ??

CUDOS has recently been listed on Osmosis decentralised exchange in the Cosmos ecosystem, but many community members are finding trouble using Osmosis. Some people are facing this problem because they are new to the Cosmos interoperable ecosystem, and some are facing this problem because of an error. In this article I will try to solve all those problems in a simple and step-by-step manner. Read till the end if you are using Osmosis for CUDOS or planning to use Osmosis for CUDOS.

New to interoperability

I am also kind of new to this interoperability ecosystem, so I also faced this problem for a few seconds and then figured it out, but it’s possible some of you may be panicking about this issue. Let’s understand the problem.

You logged in to Osmosis using Keplr. I suppose you have CUDOS in your Keplr wallet but you didn’t see any in Osmosis. You checked your balance.

You get panicked, but you see balance in your kepler, then you get confused. Why don’t you see your balance in the osmosis dashboard? ou get panicked, but you see balance in your kepler, then you get confused. Why don’t you see your balance in the osmosis dashboard?

This is where interoperability comes in. Osmosis is a different blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem than Cudos, but they are interoperable in the Cosmos ecosystem. You will not see your Cudos on other chains without using the interoperability feature. You can simply go to the assets tab and click on deposit for CUDOS. Within seconds, your cudos will be transferred from the Cudos chain to osmosis, and you can see your CUDOS on osmosis.

Now, moving to the 2nd case, when you are not able to deposit your CUDOS in osmosis.

Deposit Error

If you have been using Keplr wallet for Cudos since the inception of Cudos, then there is a high probability that you will face this problem. When you try to deposit your CUDOS on osmosis, you will see the loop of error. This means that regardless of how many times you try, you will face this error.

So, to get rid of this error, follow these simple steps to fix it.

Step-1 Remove CUDOS chain form Keplr wallet,

To do that, open your Keplr wallet & if you are on the CUDOS network, choose any other network, so that you can see a cross sign on the Cudos network.

Click on the cross to remove the CUDOS network from the Kepler wallet.

Step-2 Add CUDOS network again

Now visit the CUDOS Dashboard and if you are logged in previously, then disconnect your wallet. Choose to login using Keplr. You will see a pop up to add the CUDOS chain in Keplr. Add the Cudos network again to your Keplr and you are good to go.

Step-3 deposit on osmosis

After adding to the CUDOS network again, deposit your CUDOS on osmosis. It will be successful this time in most cases, as long as you have CUDOS in your wallet. Now you can trade cudos on osmosis.

I hope this article solved your problem. If you still have some kind of problem, do contact the Cudos team on discord at:



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