Looking for NFTs? Why not Bitcoin Hashrate NFTs from CUDOSMarkets?

Sumit Shukla
3 min readOct 20, 2023

Bitcoin is reaching ATH in terems of hashrate’s every other day, it has made me think how awesome it is to own a hashrate NFT where your NFTs are producing Bitcoin for you, which is getting stronger and stronger over time. So I decided to write an article on why one should consider buying hashrate NFTs on CUDOSMarkets, if they are interested in buying any NFT at all.

Generates Passive Income

Each Hashrate NFT represents a share of the processing power (hashrate) of mining farm backing these NFTs. By holding these NFTs, you essentially become a Bitcoin miner, generating passive income over time without dealing with the complexities and costs of setting up and running a mining operation. This real-world value is a breakthrough in the NFT space, which traditionally revolves around digital art and collectibles.

Eco-Friendly NFTs

CUDOSMarkets’ emphasis on renewable energy. So, the mining farms backing these NFTs use 100% renewable energy sources to mine Bitcoin, which means the bitcoin your NFT will be generating is environmentally friendly, challenging the common criticism of Bitcoin mining’s environmental impact. By buying these NFTs, you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining while earning Bitcoin passively.

Boosting Decentralization

By purchasing Hashrate NFTs from CUDOS Markets, you’re fostering greater decentralisation in the Bitcoin network. As the marketplace enables a larger number of people to buy Hashrate NFTs, eventually an increasing number of miners will enhance the network’s resilience and security. So you can say Hashrate NFTs can democratise Bitcoin mining, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

An NFT you can trust on

As part of the established CUDOS family, CUDOS Markets brings the same level of trust and expertise that the platform is known for. CUDOS has been active in the crypto space since 2017, when the team laid the foundation for the decentralised cloud computing project CUDOS. Moreover, the transparency inherent in blockchain technology ensures that you can track your Hashrate NFTs and the bitcoin they are generating in real-time, offering a clear, trustworthy investment opportunity.

Future Possibilities with CUDOSMarkets

CUDOS Markets marks the beginning of a new era in asset ownership NFTs with NFTs like Hashrate NFTs, paving the way for the tokenization of various real-world assets. From real estate to other blockchain projects, the scope for tokenization is vast. By buying Hashrate NFTs now, you position yourself at the forefront of this evolution, opening up a world of great NFTs that can be game changers for the industry when they go live with their returns and benefits.


Investing in Hashrate NFTs on CUDOS Markets presents a unique opportunity to generate passive income in the form of Bitcoin, contributes to a more sustainable Bitcoin network, and participate in the growing trend of asset tokenization. The blend of real-world value and future growth potential makes CUDOS Markets’ Hashrate NFTs a good investment option for people who are looking for utility NFTs. As digital assets continue to redefine the landscape of investment, CUDOS Markets offers an innovative and promising avenue to explore. Don’t miss out on the transformative power of their NFTs.

More about CUDOSMarkets

Aside from NFT buyers, collectors, and bitcoin miners, CUDOS Markets is bringing gamers onto the platform. Gamers can compete for hashrate NFT, and there is also the possibility that a team can organise some kind of competition in which gamers participate, such as a tournament for gamers, to make mining Bitcoin more enjoyable for everyone.

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