November Month In Review For Cudos


  • Cudos partnered with This partnership opens the door for Cudos to be used as payment option when shopping on Amazon or eBay in 11 countries including big countries like India.
  • Partnering with LDNUTD:- Cudos partnered with LDNUTD at their latest event All Access Gaming, hosted at SamsungKX featuring Mayor of Landon Sadiq Khan with several top UK streamers
  • Cudos Partnered with Chainlayer:- As partners and equity holders, the ChainLayer team is valued within the Cudos ecosystem. Many of their team are now considered long-term strategic advisors to Cudos.
  • Cosmostation partnered with Cudos:- Cudos partnered with Cosmostation where Cosmostation joined the Cudos Network as Validator which will improve the security of Blockchain.
  • Cudos Partnered with Tingo:- The importance of this collaboration, however, goes beyond financial inclusion and freedom. It unites social and environmental needs focusing on economic empowerment while reducing the environmental impact of computing.
  • UniFarm & Cudos Joins the hands:- Cudos & unifarm partnered where, where at CUDOS pool, at UniFarm, is offering up to 250% APY for early investors. However, a minimum of 36% APY is guaranteed.

Exchange listings

  • Liquid Global lists Cudos:- Liquid Adds Cudos with USDT & BTC pairs. Liquid is one the top-50 crypto exchange where you can trade most of the popular cryptos
  • CoinField Adds Cudos onto their Exchange:- CoinField adds Cudos with USD & USDT pairs. CoinField is one of the leading crypto exchanges which operates in more than 180 countries with popular Fiats across the world.

Developmental aspects

  • Launch of Phase-2 “Buzz”:- Buzz is phase 2 of incentivised Testnet program ProjectArtemis by Cudos it will furthermore test the Cudos network before entering the third phase of the testnet
  • Redesign the website;- Cudos website is completely redesigned which looks great. Have a visit and you will feel the greatness.
  • Completion of Phase-2:- Cudos has successfully completed the second phase of their incentivised Testnet in the same months which will eventually lead to the third phase of the testnet which will be announced soon.

About Cudos



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