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CUDOS is the cloud computing platform of the future. It’s a great choice network with over Fifty thousand nodes with more than 300k members in over 145 countries. They have collaborations with industry Leading projects. It’s nearly four years old and has a team that has been working hard to succeed Cudos

why you should be Looking For Cudos?

CUDOS aims to make better use of the world’s computing power by solving three major problems: providing secure layer two computations for blockchain, improving cloud competition offerings, and reducing the environmental impact of computation by utilizing spare computing power from 500 million suitable devices.

CUDOS has been doing this outside of blockchain through different platforms, which is why they cited the fifty thousand nodes, over 300k people in 145 countries, indicating that they already had this platform deployed internationally and are now linking it to the blockchain.

Cloud computing for us

Anyone Can Join CUDOS.

After you install the software and sign up, it will run tests on your device to assess its capabilities and determine which types of jobs will be the most profitable for you. Once your device is set up, it will begin either mining cryptocurrencies or completing computing tasks, which is also the most profitable. The computing jobs are expected to be two to four times more profitable than mining, but when there are no computation tasks to complete, it automatically changes to mining and you make a profit 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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