The Power of AI with the Infrastructure of CUDOS

Sumit Shukla
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We have recently witnessed lunacy in the field of artificial intelligence. It all started with the debut of ChatGPT, which acquired one million users in just five days. Following that, various AI projects rose to prominence, including MidJourney, Dall-e, Synthesia, and many others. The AI movement has now spread to the cryptocurrency sector, with token values for AI-related businesses skyrocketing. However, in this post, we will discuss AI and cloud computing, as well as why AI needs projects like CUDOS to provide the framework.

How does AI work?

AI requires a big number of data to process in order to learn about patterns and answer questions or execute the work at hand; AI requires computational resources to handle this large amount of data. According to some studies, ChatGPT utilises more than $3 million in processing resources every day, and that figure is growing as the user base is increasing day by day.

The problem ?

Currently, all AI projects rely on cloud computing resources from centralised servers, which could be a matter of life and death if these organizations began exploring such large datasets. They could even replicate the AI model if they knew what kind of data was being processed. Given that none of these cloud computing powerhouses provide their services at a low cost, there is no guarantee of data safety with such exorbitant fees.

The solution

Cudos is building a decentralised cloud infrastructure for everyone, which will benefit AI projects significantly. AI projects won’t have to worry about data security because the computing solution is built on decentralised blockchain infrastructure, which prioritises data privacy. Cudos is also developing a marketplace where individuals from all over the world can sell their unused computing power to buyers of computing resources. This concept will democratise the price of computing resources, allowing projects to purchase computing resources at lower costs than large corporations.

Furthermore, AI projects will have the ability to construct their projects on CUDOS’ layer-1 blockchain, giving them exposure to the CUDOS community and partner projects. In terms of user growth, this can be a tremendous boost for AI projects.

AI projects coming to CUDOS

AI projects are quite a big trend in 2023, and that also impacted the crypto industry. We have seen many AI-related projects going 10x even when they are not directly related to the AI industry, but one that is very crucial for AI hasn’t gotten that much attention, I am talking about cloud computing, which is what CUDOS is building. But I believe CUDOS is not a hype team; it is building real-world utility, and now we are witnessing that. Recently, CUDOS CEO Matt Hawkins teased that generative AI projects like Mid-Journey are coming to the CUDOS blockchain.

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This makes me wonder how dramatically the utility of Cudos is increasing. Everything that I have told you in this article is based on recent updates. If you start reading about Cudos, you will be amazed at how amazing it is with its fundamentals, with so many great partnerships, and with great initiatives.


In conclusion, the increasing number of AI projects has highlighted the critical need for reliable and secure computing resources. By creating a decentralised cloud infrastructure that puts data privacy first, Cudos is tackling this problem. Cudos offers a framework for AI projects to safely process large data sets and access computing power at lower prices. Cudos is positioned to have a significant impact on the direction that AI and cloud computing take in the future thanks to its solid foundation, partnerships, and initiatives.

About Cudos

Cudos is a Layer 1 blockchain and Layer 2 community-governed cloud computing network. Its Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) marketplace ensures that users have decentralised, permissionless access to high-performance cloud computing at scale. The native utility token of the network, called CUDOS, plays a crucial role in powering the platform.

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