Tips to Keep your CUDOS & other crypto’s Safe from Spammers

Sumit Shukla
3 min readJul 14, 2022


Crypto is full of spammers where everyday spammers come up with new tricks to trick you. Cudos community members are also facing the same issues where spammers are trying to spam them with various methods. In this article I would like to share some tips and advice which can protect you from these spammers.

Official channels & Accounts

The very first step is to stick to official channels or channels created by official persons like ambassadors or Team members like price talk or some regional channels, but always confirm about those channels in official chats to confirm that you are not in any scam channel. Following this makes sure that you won’t fall in any spam group which can lead to loss of your funds.

Here is the link if official channels for CUDOS & some Non-official but run ambassadors or team members:-

official channels

Non-Official channels

confirm official channels

On telegram Spammers always try to create channels which looks similar to official channels where admins also looks like officials, to identify the spam channels you can check their recent massages if those massages are about some giveaway or airdrop then leave that group and report it and do share about that channel info in one of official channels so that other can be beware from that spam channel.

Never transfer funds

It’s always about stealing your funds, spammers will try to gain your confidence in every way possible they will try to fake official identities, can also be try to be friend with you and will end up asking some help or they will redirect you to some kind of scam where you can end up losing your funds. So always make sure that you don’t end up transferring your funds to wrong person because it’s crypto once it’s gone, it gone for forevermore


Following these simple yet helpful tips & tricks you can protect yourself from spammers, & these rules are for all your crypto projects just follow their official channel like I have shared official channels of Cudos. Spammers will try their best to steal your funds and you have to beware of them because it’s crypto you can do anything after the transaction is done.

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