Top exchanges where you can get CUDOS

Sumit Shukla
3 min readOct 13, 2023

CUDOS is listed on many exchanges across the globe where you can buy/sell CUDOS whether you want to buy on a centralised exchange or on a decentralised exchange, there are so many options so people ask what are the best exchanges where they can buy CUDOS from so many exchanges where CUDOS is listed, so in this article we will be exploring list top exchanges where you can buy/sell CUDOS.

So let’s get started…


For exchanges, AscendEx is the recognised partner of CUDOS. In 2021, the CUDOS token was first made available to the public on AscendEx. Since that time, AscendEx has consistently supported CUDOS, and following the launch of the CUDOS Mainnet, they also began supporting the CUDOS Mainnet token, making AscendEx the first centralised exchange to do so. AscendEx is also a CUDOS Mainnet validator as a point of reference.

👉Trade CUDOS on AscendEx

One of the largest exchanges where CUDOS tokens can be traded is Since’s own Cronos blockchain is a part of the Cosmos ecosystem, it is hoped that they will soon begin supporting the CUDOS Blockchain as CUDOS is also part of the Cosmos ecosystem. Currently, only supports the ERC-20 CUDOS token.

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Another significant exchange that allows the buying, selling, and trading of CUDOS tokens is Kucoin. When it comes to daily activity across all crypto exchanges, Kucoin is also among the top 5 exchanges. There is a high likelihood that Kucoin will soon announce support for the CUDOS blockchain, causing the community to gravitate more towards the CUDOS Mainnet token. Currently, Kucoin only supports ERC-20, but they have started supporting many Cosmos ecosystem blockchains.

👉Trade CUDOS on Kucoin

HTX Global

HTX Global, previously known as Huobi Global, is yet another top-5 crypto exchange across the world where users of HTX can buy and sell CUDOS easily. HTX has been operating since 2013, and there has been no single incident of hacking or fund theft. This is really a big milestone for a centralised exchange, as we have seen hacking incidents even with decentralised ones. HTX has millions of daily visitors on the exchange, and CUDOS being listed on HTX gives exposure to those users visiting HTX daily.

👉 Trade CUDOS on HTX


Osmosis is the most famous decentralised exchange in the Cosmos ecosystem, and Osmosis is also one of my favourite DEXs when it comes to trading CUDOS on a decentralised exchange. Recently, CUDOS announced that now they are a verified asset on Osmosis, and thats big news for all CUDOS believers as now they can trade CUDOS with trust on Osmosis. Also, using osmosis, you can explore the interoperability features of the Cosmos ecosystem in no time.

👉Trade CUDOS on Osmosis Frontier is known as heaven for many crypto traders, as is always ahead when it comes to listing projects in their early stages, which gives traders and hodlers an upper edge to trade that crypto before the project starts to get limelight in the community. As CUDOS is listed on this exchange, it gives many holders and traders great opportunities to buy, sell, and trade CUDOS.

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Users can trade CUDOS on multiple exchanges, including decentralised options. Among the top exchanges that support CUDOS and offer options for buying, selling, and trading are AscendEx,, Kucoin,HTX Global, Osmosis, and Being available on these top and famous exchanges gives enough trust factor for CUDOS as a strong project with strong fundamentals. In a world where listing on one major exchange is a win for many projects, CUDOS is listed on multiple top-tier exchanges.