Ways to earn CUDOS 💸

Sumit Shukla
3 min readNov 15, 2023

The entire crypto community is going through a tough time; the market is recovering, but many projects are still struggling. But even in these hard times, CUDOS is performing extremely well considering the circumstances. Now you might be wondering: how can you accumulate more CUDOS before the rally starts for all CUDOS holders? So that’s what we are going to talk about in this article. This article will discuss how one can make some extra CUDOS within the CUDOS ecosystem.

But why CUDOS?

The first question that will come to your mind is: Why CUDOS when there are so many projects to choose from in this market? In my opinion, CUDOS is one of the most underrated projects that is actively working to improve the foundations of the projects. Thats why I have taken CUDOS as an example to explore the earning opportunities. Also, CUDOS is one of the projects that I like the most and am deeply involved in, so I am always looking for a way to increase my CUDOS holdings. Btw, you can still read this article to understand how projects offer multiple ways to earn their native tokens, and after learning that, you can implement that learning on your favourite project.

Staking CUDOS

If you are a long-term hodler of CUDOS or any other crypto and at the same time the project offers a staking option, then you can stake your crypto. In this case, CUDOS offers a staking option where CUDOS holders can increase their CUDOS holdings simply by staking their CUDOS, which is totally a passive option for long-term holders to increase their CUDOS holdings.

Staking can be a great option in these market conditions where you can just relax and your staked crypto is increasing, which will also bring your average buying cost down as the number of tokens in your portfolio increases. At the current rate, if you stake your CUDOS, you can make more than 7.5% on your CUDOS staking. You can simply stake your CUDOS at the CUDOS dashboard, or if you are using your mobile device, you can use the Cosmostation app to stake CUDOS.

Becoming a Validator

If you have 2 million CUDOS tokens, then you can apply to become a CUDOS Validator. To become a validator, you have to stake your token, and you have to meet certain technical requirements to become a CUDOS validator. If you become a validator, 2 million CUDOS will by default generate staking rewards; on the other hand, you will also get Validator rewards for maintaining the blockchain. This is also a sort of passive income, but here your input is needed. Also, becoming a validator means you are now deeply involved in the network and have also fostered great game decentralisation.

CUDO Miner

CUDO Miner is a unique way of making passive income that other ecosystems don’t offer. At CUDO Miner, you can use your idle computing power to mine crypto. This doesn’t impact the performance of your device, and it creates passive income for you, which is really awesome. When you think about creating some passive income, this should be on your list. The cherry on top is that you can mine any crypto you want, and you can choose to withdraw your income in CUDOS. For example, you can mine Bitcoin, but you can withdraw CUDOS equivalent to your Bitcoin mining earnings. To learn more, visit Cudo Miner’s official website.