What’s next after Hashrate NFTs ?

Sumit Shukla
3 min readSep 15, 2023

CUDOS Markets is an NFT marketplace by CUDOS that is gaining some popularity over Hashrate collectible NFTs as they are backed by a green bitcoin mining farm that will produce bitcoin for you because these NFTs are backed by real-world assets. However, hashrate NFTs are not the only thing coming to CUDOS markets, as the team has hinted at the launch of more RWA-backed NFTs in the near future. In this article, we will examine tokenized infrastructure and discuss potential future NFTS from CUDOS Markets.

Real World Assets (RWA) as an NFT

CUDOS Markets has become the first NFT marketplace that is offering real-world asset-backed NFT that will have some intrinsic value. This is giving whole new meaning to the NFT space, as NFTs often get criticism from many big financial experts because they don’t have any utility or any real-world values in themselves, but this changed with the launch of CUDOS Markets.

What is tokenized infrastructure?

Tokenizing a real-world asset in the form of a token that will represent the value of that asset is tokenization. In the case of hashrate NFTs, these NFTs will represent real-world assets as they are backed by bitcoin mining farms that are actively mining bitcoin.

Benefits of RWA-backed NFTs

Many people don’t want to buy NFTs because they don’t see any value in them, and the data proves that many popular NFTs have lost their value drastically after their popularity goes down, but this will not be the case with RWA-backed NFTs, as they will represent real value. Plus, utility NFTs like hashrate NFTs will generate passive income for you.

The Future of RWA NFTs with CUDOS Markets

CUDOS Markets will not only be limited to hashrate NFTs, as the team has indicated that many more RWAs are lined up after the launch of hashrate NFTs. The team has hinted that some luxury brands also want to sell their NFTs on CUDOS markets. The future holds so many possibilities with CUDOS Markets.

Here are a few that might become reality with CUDOS Markets soon.

The new age of crypto mining

Where Hashrate NFTs are representing the Bitcoin network, there might be new NFTs that will represent other top blockchains, like Ethereum. Becoming an Ethereum miner is not easy, as it requires staking 32 ETH before you can set up ETH mining, but with CUDOS Markets, we can expect Ethereum to mine NFTs in the future. Where big Ethereum miners might offer collectibles of NFTs that will generate ETH for those NFT holders, this is not just about Ethereum; there are many other blockchains that still operate in PoW. With CUDOS Markets, the possibilities are endless for the mining industry.

Possibilities of Real Estate NFTs

Real estate is lucrative, but it’s expensive, and bitcoin mining was also expensive until CUDOS Markets entered with Hashrate NFTs. The process of launching real estate NFTs might already be in progress, and I would love to see real estate NFTs on CUDOS Markets, as that will give me the opportunity to buy real estate all across the globe on my fingertip. These NFTs can be a game changer for real estate, just as hashrate NFTs are going to be a game changer for the bitcoin network.


In conclusion, CUDOS Markets is revolutionising the NFT space by introducing real-world assets as NFTs, giving these digital collectibles intrinsic value and utility. There are many potential uses for NFTs in the future, including tokenized infrastructure and even real estate NFTs. The introduction of hashrate NFTs backed by a green bitcoin mining farm is just the beginning. This creates new opportunities for generating passive income and gaining access to assets that were previously expensive. The future of the joining of NFTs and real-world assets has a lot of potential, thanks to CUDOS Markets.